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Industry Articles

As an industry leader for over 25 years, Medicat has provided software solutions to 500+ college and universities across 48 states while serving over 5 million students.

Below you will find educational articles about pressing issues within the electronic health record and medical administration industry.

College Campus Suicide Prevention

The Evolving Landscape of Suicide Prevention on College Campuses

May 30, 2023
Suicide is a significant public health issue on college campuses. Learn about trends in suicide prevention and intervention relevant to campus health leaders.
College Health Leadership

Top Qualities of College Health Leaders

May 24, 2023
Great leaders in college health clinics possess a range of characteristics that enable them to effectively support staff and create a positive environment for students.
Innovations in Mental Health Counseling

Trendwatch: Innovations in Mental Health Counseling

May 18, 2023
Mental health counseling programs on college campuses are evolving to better support student populations. Learn about these innovations.
wellness wheel

Bringing Holistic Wellness to College Health

May 9, 2023
Bringing a holistic and integrated approach to wellness to college campuses is not just beneficial for students, but also for the campus community.
shrinking student health budgets

Weathering the Storm: How to Manage Shrinking Student Health Budgets

May 3, 2023
With college student enrollment declining, many campus health clinics are facing tighter budgets. Here are some suggestions for keeping your clinic afloat.
new EHR implementation

Best Practices for Implementing a New EHR

April 24, 2023
Transitioning to a new EHR system is a huge undertaking. But it doesn’t have to feel chaotic. Here are some best practices to guide you and your team.
Challenges Mount in College Counseling

Challenges Mount in College Counseling

April 19, 2023
Mental health is a pressing issue among college students, with a significant proportion of students experiencing mental health problems. To address these issues, most colleges offer mental health services through campus clinics.
EHR Solutions

Five Challenges Solved by EHRs

April 11, 2023
College health providers face many challenges when it comes to providing high-quality care. EHR solutions can help alleviate this burden. Let’s explore the top five college health challenges that can be solved with an EHR.
Managing Shared Data

Managing Shared Data Between Health & Counseling Clinics

April 5, 2023
College health and counseling clinics are two important resources that play a significant role in the well-being of college students. However, there’s often a disconnect between these two entities. There are pros and cons of sharing data between health and counseling clinics on college campuses. We break it down for you.
EHR Vendor SOC2

Why should your EHR Vendor and their Hosting Facility have SOC 2?

February 12, 2023
This paper is provided to help explain why your EHR vendor should be examined by an independent third party, what SOC is, why Medicat chose the more rigorous Type 2 SOC 2 Examination on your behalf, and what that means to you.
Immunization Compliance

Improve Immunization Compliance in your Clinical Programs

February 12, 2023
Medicat Immunization Compliance can help you achieve these objectives when you download Improving Immunization Compliance: A Guide for Your Clinical Programs, a comprehensive guide providing valuable insights.
Meaningful Use

“Meaningful Use” & College Health

February 11, 2023
The underlying visions of Meaningful Use and College Health are tightly aligned in support of Wellness. This paper describes what Meaningful Use is and makes a case that the College Health community should enthusiastically embrace a leadership role in its adoption within the rapidly evolving national healthcare policy landscape.
HIPAA Compliance

Do HIPAA Privacy & Security Laws Apply to College & University Student Health Clinics?

February 10, 2023
Opinions vary on whether HIPAA applies to student health services. If it is determined that HIPAA Rules apply to student health clinics, the financial penalties and administrative burdens for not complying with HIPAA are significant.
Medicat's EHR System

Your EHR System: 10 Ways Tech Can Help Manage Compliance and Immunization Tracking

November 3, 2020
The electronic health records (EHR) system isn’t just for doctor’s offices and hospitals. An effective and well-designed EHR system can help you simplify communication and track student health records for greater compliance and efficiency.
Immunization Requirements in Healthcare Education

How COVID-19 is Impacting Immunization Requirements in Healthcare Education

October 20, 2020
COVID-19 has changed the healthcare landscape, and not just for those seeking care. Healthcare students participating in clinical and residency programs are entering an environment filled with new protocols for health and safety, including guidelines for COVID-19 testing. COVID-19 Testing Guidelines and Requirements To reduce the risk of transmission and protect patients, visitors, and staff, […]
Improve Student Immunization Tracking

URMIA: Tips to Improve Student Immunization Tracking and Compliance During COVID-19

August 31, 2020
Student immunization tracking and compliance have always been an essential part of maintaining a safe and healthy student population.
Student Immunization Tracking

7 Tips to Improve Your Student Immunization Tracking Process

August 26, 2020
Your immunization tracking process helps you prepare healthcare students for participation in clinical rotation and residency programs. However, with all the various requirements of the different programs, it can be challenging to efficiently collect, verify, and send student health data to clinical affiliates.
Type 2 SOC 2

Why is SOC 2 Important to You?

April 25, 2018
The following information is provided to help explain why your EHR vendor should be examined by an independent third party, what SOC is, why Medicat chose the more rigorous Type 2 SOC 2 Examination on your behalf, and what that means to you.
Opioid Crisis

The Evolving EPCS Landscape: A Prescription for Stopping Opioid Abuse

March 14, 2016
Enabling physicians to electronically prescribe controlled substances may help curb the widespread abuse of opioids by increasing prescription security, improving patient safety and reducing the practice of “doctor shopping” to fill unnecessary prescriptions.
EPCS White Paper Dr. First

The Evolving Landscape for ePrescribing Controlled Substances (EPCS)

February 2, 2016
There is an epidemic of addiction, abuse, and diversion of controlled substances in this country and worldwide. This industry briefing is designed to provide meaningful data and up-to-date resources about the benefits of electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS).

What Our Clients Say

A reputation for outstanding support has helped Medicat earn a near 100% customer retention rate.
  • Colby-Sawyer College

    “Medicat provides my staff with the tools to provide quality healthcare. We are able to assess our health trends, quickly assess which students are not immunized, analyze clinic use and provide the college administration with valuable information regarding the health of our campus. Medicat allows providers to be more efficient and take control of their own schedules.”

    Jackie F. Webb, ARNP, MSN

    Colby-Sawyer College

  • University At Buffalo

    “Medicat is an excellent product, but what makes it exceptional are its accomplished employees who are incredibly sincere individuals who always exhaust every avenue to resolve system issues as soon as possible. I feel secure knowing that Medicat is always ready to support us and look forward to many years of partnership ahead.”

    Rose Mammen

    Clinical Information Systems Manager
    University at Buffalo Student Health Services

  • University of Colorado - Colorado Springs

    “Since implementing Medicat we now have the ability to fully integrate health and mental health records, which has resulted in enhanced care for our students. Numerous students have reported feeling that their care has been significantly improved since we integrated into one center with one record.”

    Stephanie Hanenberg MSN, FNP-C

    Executive Director of Health and Wellness
    Recreation and Wellness Center
    University of Colorado – Colorado Springs

  • Binghamton University

    “Support is very responsive to our needs. The bar has been set very high by the Support team! I have worked with software vendors for over 20 years and NONE have been as responsive, professional, and helpful as Medicat.”

    Melissa Biddle

    Assistant Director of Operations
    Binghamton University Health and Counseling Services

  • University of North Carolina School of the Arts

    “I love the product, I love the company and the customer service is beyond compare.”

    Ann Potter, FNP, MSN

    University of North Carolina School of the Arts

  • University of Montana

    “Medicat’s staff has amazing depth and breadth of product knowledge, and the service and support is far superior to our previous clinic management software.”

    David Brown, PhD

    Clinical Psychologist
    University of Montana

  • Reed College

    “I have worked with many EHR’s and hands down Medicat has the best support. The support team that I have worked with are professional, competent, courteous, and knowledgeable. Excellent problem solvers!!!”

    Maureen Mitchell, RN

    Medical Services Manager
    Reed College Health & Counseling Clinic

  • East Carolina University

    “It is a very difficult task to select the best application for a clinic, but our past experience has proven over and again that customer support is equally as important as the application itself. My opinion and expe- rience has been that Medicat is providing the quality product and support we need and expect in a very timely manner.”

    Kathryn White

    Association Director
    Health Services, East Carolina University