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Immunizations EHR

The Future of Immunization Compliance Management

Medicat created its immunization compliance solution to make it easy to verify records and report compliance. Automatically process thousands of immunization documents through a combination of smart verification workflow and integrations with state registries.
years in college health

33 +
Million Students Cared For
500 +
Client Sites

230 +
Million Vaccines Verified
100 +
Unique Integrations

2.5 +
Million Annual Clinic Visits

Making Immunizations Easy for Students and Clinicians

Use smart technology to reduce the time spent on immunizations by up to 90%.

Easy Student Experience

Easy Student Experience

  • Cloud-based portal
  • Document upload
  • Electronic forms
  • Automated reminders
Expedited Verification

Expedited Verification

  • Document review panels
  • Multiple requirements tracking
  • State registry integrations
  • Out-of-state record verification
Effortless Reporting

Effortless Reporting

  • Customized cohorts
  • Advanced filtering
  • Vaccine admin reporting
  • Real-time compliance status
Case Studies

Automation For Overburdened Clinics

Too many clinics use outdated methods for tracking immunization compliance. Scanning paper documents is time-consuming and accepting sensitive student records over email violates HIPAA guidelines. Chasing down students to complete requirements is a hassle.

Smart technology can do more than merely digitize your clinic – it can help your clinicians spend less time on tedious tasks and get more enjoyment from their job.

State Registry Integrations

Leverage a State Registry integration to improve campus safety, clinical efficiency, and the student experience.

An Effortless Way to Manage Compliance

Colleges and universities can tap into the power of a state immunization registry to automate immunization verifications, saving countless hours (and headaches) for clinicians and students.

For students who have received vaccines in your state, their immunization records will automatically flow directly into our Immunization Compliance Management software. No more emailing or calling to track down student records!


VeriVax: Verify Out-of-State Records

Create an effortless experience for students and far less administrative burden on clinicians.

Have a large out-of-state student population?

Every year, thousands of students arrive on campus, hailing from all over the country. This makes complying with state- and institution-mandated immunization requirements a daunting task.

Our new solution, VeriVax, streamlines immunization compliance by allowing students to retrieve their immunization records through a nationwide clinical network as part of care coordination. Leveraging this national clinical network, students can quickly gain access to their records, regardless of the state in which a student received their immunizations.

Medicat Patient Portal

Make it easy for students to comply with your university’s requirements.

Medicat’s Patient Portal is the safe and secure way for students to engage with your clinic.

  • Cloud-based portal
  • Document upload
  • Self-scheduling
  • Mobile self-check-in
  • Secure messaging with providers
  • Automated forms based on appointment type
  • Immunization record maintenance & accessibility
  • View & pay statements
  • Demographic & insurance updates
  • Patient education
  • Interoperable record (Cares Act)

Protecting Patients’ Personal
Health Information

Leverage a security-first solution to protect sensitive data.
One Database

One Database

A single database connecting all clinics, enabling real-time, collaborative care.
Data Security

Strict Security

Industry-leading SOC 2 certification and HIPAA compliance to protect sensitive data.

Robust Integrations

Integrations with over 100 different systems to enhance workflow automation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can we implement Medicat’s Immunization Compliance solution?

Implementation can take as little as one month. Medicat provides implementation “boot camps” to rapidly configure the solution to your needs and train your team. Timelines can vary depending on your organization’s unique requirements (e.g., historical record import, 3rd party system interfaces, etc.).

Do I have to use Medicat’s full EHR platform, or can I just use the compliance management solution?
If you prefer, your clinic can use Medicat to just process immunizations and other requirements. While there are great benefits for clinics who use the same system for compliance and other student health workflow, Medicat’s Immunization Compliance Management solution can interface with the other systems that your clinic uses.
How much does the Medicat Immunization Compliance Management solution cost?

Price depends on several factors including the number of people in your clinic and your workflow.

Please contact our team to learn more.

Does Medicat’s platform communicate with state immunization registries?

Yes. Medicat maintains a network of interfaces with the immunization registry in nearly every state.

By utilizing this network, Medicat can automate the process of pulling an individual’s immunization records, whether they received immunizations in the same state as your institution, or in another state.

Our solution saves clinicians significant time they would otherwise spend reviewing immunization documentation.

Can I combine a State Registry with VeriVax?

Yes, combining the power of integration with your state’s immunization with VeriVax is the ultimate way to automate compliance.

Learn more here.

How does Medicat ensure client data is secure?

Medicat’s systems and processes are designed to be consistent with HIPAA guidelines as well as the Service Organization Control Type 2 (SOC 2) framework, a cybersecurity compliance framework developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

In addition to managing system performance and security day to day, Medicat performs SOC 2 audits on an annual basis. Learn more about Medicat’s industry-leading security. 

Does Medicat support Single Sign-On (SSO)?
Medicat supports the SAML protocol, which enables a number of SSO solutions such as Azure and Shibboleth.