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Case Study

University of Texas at El Paso:
Making Billing Less of a Hassle

The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) faces unique challenges at its Student Health & Wellness Center, serving a predominantly commuting and international student population. The center, managing both insured and uninsured (self-pay) students, operated for many years using paper charts and outdated billing processes.

University of Texas El Paso
  • School
    University of Texas at El Paso
  • Number of Students
  • Medicat Implementation
  • Solutions Required
    Medical EHR & Practice Management
  • Location
    El Paso, Texas

The Problem

Billing was a significant pain point, with an outsourced service provider taking a hefty cut (40%) of the clinic’s earnings. There was a lack of transparency and organization when it came to managing insurance claims and appeals. Clinic leaders knew change was needed, but staff felt nervous about moving to a fully electronic system.

“When I arrived at UTEP, an internal audit of the clinic’s operations revealed 22 critical issues. I knew there was a lot of work to be done to get our ducks in a row.  

We needed a practice management and billing solution that could streamline our processes and bring us into the 21st century.” 

~ David Porras Jr., Assistant Director of Business and Clinical Operations

The Solution

UTEP adopted Medicat 13 years ago, with a full transition to electronic health records (EHR) and electronic billing within six months. This newfound control over billing processes brought the clinic back to a financially healthy state.

“Medicat’s appeal went beyond EHR; it offered robust practice management features, such as electronic claims processing, an integration with Waystar, automatic adjustments, and an easier way to issue refunds.

The implementation also allowed us to roll out electronic consent forms that students love, plus an easy-to-use appointment calendar that keeps our clinic on track throughout the day.

I also can’t overstate Medicat’s exceptional customer support. Their commitment to swift issue resolution and the implementation of new tools to enhance both staff and student experiences is unmatched.”

~ David Porras Jr., Assistant Director of Business and Clinical Operations

The Result

Claim processing time dropped from 45 minutes to 1 minute!

UTEP achieved significant operational efficiency and cost savings through staff reduction and streamlined processes. Billing and administrative tasks were optimized, reducing the staff to one front office person and one student employee.

Achieving a remarkable 98% clean record for claims, UTEP established financial transparency and predictability. The team now spends far less time working on painstaking appeals.

Additionally, the time to process claims was drastically reduced from 45 minutes to just under 1 minute, a stark improvement. Payments to the clinic now flow directly into the clinic’s account, instead of taking 30-45 days.

Finally, implementing Medicat positively impacted the student experience, with students expressing satisfaction in navigating consent forms and gaining a better understanding of insurance claims and billing processes.

“Medicat’s comprehensive EHR and practice management solutions have proven instrumental in transforming our clinic. By addressing our specific challenges with tailored solutions and support, Medicat has not only improved our efficiency and financial wellness, but has also enhanced the overall experience for both staff and students. We couldn’t be more thrilled.”

~ David Porras Jr., Assistant Director of Business and Clinical Operations