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Sports & Athletic Medicine

Medicat One Sports & Athletic Medicine

Embrace the future of athletic health management.

Informed by extensive collaboration with our Sports & Athletic Medicine Advisory Council, Medicat’s new, fully redesigned Athletic Medicine system brings the best and most requested features and functionality together for athlete health.

Modern Interface

Intuitive user experience.

Role-based Dashboards

Relevant insights & actionable data.

Training & Field Notes

Redesigned documentation process.

Data Integration

Powerful business intelligence reports.

Athlete Portal

Secure communication & efficient scheduling.

Medicat One Sports & Athletic Medicine. Manage your athletic training facility workflow from start to finish with one seamless process.

  • Secure, web-based system streamlines the entire process.
  • Optimized documentation process improves visibility, saves time, and upgrades the overall training environment.
  • Powerful business intelligence reports and sophisticated role-based dashboards deliver the relevant insights and actionable data you need, instantly.
  • Coming soon!

Designed for sports medicine by athletic trainers & team physicians. 

Embrace the future with the world-class technology of Medicat One Sports & Athletic Medicine. Projected availability 2022.