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Sports Medicine EHR

Enhance Student Athlete Performance and Well-being

Medicat’s Sports Medicine EHR software allows you to manage your athletic training facility workflow from start to finish with one seamless process. Athletic trainers, physicians, coaches, & athletes need a powerful system that meets the unique needs of your campus.

years in college health

33 +
Million Students Cared For
500 +
Client Sites

203 +
Million Vaccines Verified
100 +
Unique Integrations

2.5 +
Million Annual Clinic Visits

What’s the game-changing power of Medicat’s Sports Medicine EHR?

Flexibility. Accessibility. Performance.

We deliver an integrated set of tools that enables training, treatment, and tracking resources for athletes and those who care for them.

From the clinic and training room to the practice field, gym, pool, track, and more, Medicat Sports Medicine is a complete EHR solution that drives results.

The Power of a United Solution
Streamline your workflow with a single source for documentation, reports, and demographics. Securely and efficiently communicate with athletes and share information as needed with their entire network including coaches, physicians, nutritionists, and others.
Beyond The Clinic
Sports medicine happens wherever the athletes are—on the field, in the gym, at the pool, in the training room, and on the road. Our intuitive interface gives you access to the information and tools you need to treat your athletes beyond the walls of the clinic.
Safety First
Access essential diagnostic and wellness tools like concussion protocol and mental health assessments to support athletes’ physical and mental health to get them back in the game and keep them playing.
Stay Current & Compliant
Schedules and travel can be fluid. Compliance and eligibility regulations are not. Manage both seamlessly with calendar integrations, notifications, and document compliance tools.
ironclad security
Ironclad Security & Privacy In State-Of-The-Art Cloud Platform
diagnostic tools
Diagnostic Tools & Reporting For Concussion Protocol & More
mobile features
Robust Mobile Features For Anywhere, Anytime Access
Key reports
Key Reports, Metrics, & Role-Based Actionable Data
User Groups
Group By Team Or Sport For Better Organization
Athletes portal
Athlete Portals Offer Single-Source Access To All Resources

Medicat’s Business Intelligence

Reduce costs, enhance quality & improve patient satisfaction with better data.

Powered by Tableau®, the right data can lead to reduced costs, increased revenue, enhanced quality, and improved patient experience.

  • Reduce the need for costly, time-consuming analytics with the modern, intuitive user interface that puts the power into your hands.
  • Evaluate data in real-time to reduce costs, improve quality, and optimize the operations of your health centers.
  • Use fit-for-purpose, role-based dashboards that include key performance indicators for campus health.
  • See your data come to life with cutting-edge technology.
  • Utilize visual reports for quicker insight and more powerful decision-making.
  • Create better reporting with quicker insights for broader College and University collaboration.
  • Plan better budgets and maximize resources with actionable financial and admin reports.

Lab Automation

Innovative Medicat solutions — each powerful on its own, and delivering even more value when leveraged together. Save time and money, improve patient safety, help reclaim valuable staff resources, and streamline workflow.

Medicat Lab Order

The Problem:
Ordering lab tests is a manual multi-step, time-consuming process and not conducive to high-volume testing.

Our Solution:


Reduction in provider and administrative time with web-based integration of demographics, ordering, and printing for lab testing.

Medicat Lab Connect

The Problem:
Manual re-keying of local machine results; fraught with potential for errors; not conducive to high-volume testing.

Our Solution:


Digital; Removes manual entry; Eliminates risk of human error. This versatile lab interface connects in-house lab devices to Medicat so you don’t have to manually enter results.

Medicat Lab Notify

The Problem:
Reviewing and notification of lab results is a time-consuming provider task; slows down critical step in lab process; not conducive to high-volume testing.

Our Solution:


Reduction in provider and administrative time and streamlined the review of lab results and patient notification. Notification process automation; Speeds up critical process step; High-volume testing conducive.

Medicat Lab Results

The Problem:
Accessing Results can be cumbersome. Patient cannot easily access official lab test record; time-consuming manual task for clinic admin.

Our Solution:


Self-service for the patient; frees clinical admin time; Improves patient experience. This innovative feature delivers official lab results in PDF format directly to your Patient Portal.

Patient Portal Suite

Upgrade your students’ experience.

Medicat’s Patient Portal Suite is the safe and secure way to stay connected with your students with optimized online resources.

  • Fully-integrated, cloud-based portal
  • Self-Scheduling
  • Mobile Self Check-in
  • Automated Forms based on Appointment Type
  • Immunization Record maintenance & accessibility
  • Automatic Form integration with Student Record
  • View & Pay Statements
  • Demographic & Insurance Updates
  • Client/Patient Education
  • Interoperable Record (Cares Act)
  • Secure Messaging with Providers


Gain speed. Improve accuracy. Ensure safety & privacy.

Be ready for mandated ePrescribing with Medicat’s Rcopia ePrescribing solution.

Controlled Substances standard. Current formularies standard. Ease of use standard. Real-time updates to medications standard. The faster way to handle prescriptions and renewals with greater accuracy and safety. Confidence that your ePrescribing solution is up-to-date every day.

There are currently at least 46 states with PDMP mandates in place, and all 50 states—including the District of Columbia—have active PDMP databases that collect and report prescribing and dispensing data to authorized users. Additionally, EPCS is strongly encouraged in all 50 states. Many states require prescribers to register with them in order to access PDMP data and perform mandatory queries.Writing paper prescriptions is the past. You’ll eliminate the following risks and pitfalls:

  • Misuse of paper prescription pads
  • Contra-indications and conflicts with other medications
  • Not remembering refill expirations
  • Liability for errors or misread handwriting

Insurance Waiver

Upgrade your SHIP enrollment and waiver process.

Medicat Insurance Waiver Management streamlines and centralizes the entire process by automating the insurance enrollment and verification process, and collected data can be exported back to your student information system or other on-campus systems as needed.

Colleges and Universities tend to have health insurance waiver opportunities. Students already enrolled in equal or better health insurance plans than the one offered by their college or university usually have the option to waive the health insurance by filling in a health insurance waiver form and providing proof of comparable coverage elsewhere. This process is notoriously time-consuming, inefficient, and confusing for students. This is where Medicat’s Insurance Waiver Management shines.

Already have an EHR?

Switch to Medicat for a more complete solution custom developed for college health, with exceptional training and implementation by a team who has worked in college health, and expert support from people who know college health. Upgrade with Medicat.
  • University of Colorado - Colorado Springs

    “Since implementing Medicat we now have the ability to fully integrate health and mental health records, which has resulted in enhanced care for our students. Numerous students have reported feeling that their care has been significantly improved since we integrated into one center with one record.”

    Stephanie Hanenberg MSN, FNP-C

    Assistant Vice Chancellor for Health and Wellness
    Recreation and Wellness Center
    University of Colorado – Colorado Springs

  • Reed College

    “I have worked with many EHR’s and hands down Medicat has the best support. The support team that I have worked with are professional, competent, courteous, and knowledgeable. Excellent problem solvers!!!”

    Maureen Mitchell, RN

    Medical Services Manager
    Reed College Health & Counseling Clinic

  • University At Buffalo

    “Medicat is an excellent product, but what makes it exceptional are its accomplished employees who are incredibly sincere individuals who always exhaust every avenue to resolve system issues as soon as possible. I feel secure knowing that Medicat is always ready to support us and look forward to many years of partnership ahead.”

    Rose Mammen

    Clinical Information Systems Manager
    University at Buffalo Student Health Services

  • Binghamton University

    “Support is very responsive to our needs. The bar has been set very high by the Support team! I have worked with software vendors for over 20 years and NONE have been as responsive, professional, and helpful as Medicat.”

    Melissa Biddle

    Assistant Director of Operations
    Binghamton University Health and Counseling Services

  • East Carolina University

    “It is a very difficult task to select the best application for a clinic, but our past experience has proven over and again that customer support is equally as important as the application itself. My opinion and experience has been that Medicat is providing the quality product and support we need and expect in a very timely manner.”

    Kathryn White

    Association Director
    Health Services, East Carolina University

  • University of North Carolina School of the Arts

    “I love the product, I love the company and the customer service is beyond compare.”

    Ann Potter, FNP, MSN

    University of North Carolina School of the Arts

  • University of Montana

    “Medicat’s staff has amazing depth and breadth of product knowledge, and the service and support is far superior to our previous clinic management software.”

    David Brown, PhD

    Clinical Psychologist
    University of Montana