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Medicat’s Journey and What’s on the Horizon

Celebrating 30 Years of Innovation

December 27, 2023

Medicat has been on a remarkable journey. As we celebrate our 30th anniversary as a company, we’d like to reflect on the past, appreciate the present, and anticipate what’s to come.

Join us as we delve into the exciting updates, achievements, and plans that mark this significant milestone.

30th Anniversary of Medicat

30 Years of Excellence

Three decades ago, Medicat began as a practice management software solution that catered to the needs of college health.  Over the years, Medicat expanded into EHR software for student health clinics. From there, we’ve added solutions to manage immunization compliance, optimize student counseling center workflow, support student-athletes, and improve accessibility services management.

From our humble beginnings to becoming a leader in the industry, we’ve worked with our customers to innovate and adapt to the evolving needs of campus healthcare providers, clinic staff, and students.

It’s essential to acknowledge the countless healthcare professionals and institutions that have contributed to Medicat’s success. Their trust and collaboration have been instrumental in shaping Medicat’s cutting-edge solutions.

Since 1993, Medicat has:

  • Supported over 38 million clinic visits
  • Served over 33 million students (about twice the population of New York!)
  • Verified over 203 million vaccine records
  • Worked with over 500 college and university clients
  • Established 100+ unique integrations
  • Enabled 62,622 physicians, mental health professionals, and staff members to use Medicat

Here’s what Medicat accomplished in 2023:

  • 727,477 distinct students seen at clinics: Across our 500+ clients, clinics were busy in 2023!
  • 178,349 clinical notes created in our Counseling EHR software: This past year, demand for counseling services on campus has only increased. Clinics adapted to this demand and continued to provide top-quality mental health care for students.
  • 898,708 lab and radiology orders: This number reflects clinical results imported via one of our integrations in 2023.
  • 38 industry articles published: The release of 38 thought-provoking industry articles underscores our dedication to sharing valuable industry insights, expertise, and updates, contributing to the dissemination of knowledge and fostering a deeper connection with schools across the country.
  • 7 in-person conferences attended: Participating in seven in-person conferences allowed us to actively engage with industry experts, connect with college health and counseling professionals, foster valuable connections, and stay on top of the latest developments in college health.
  • 85 clients visited on-site: On-site visits to 85 clients provided us with invaluable opportunities to strengthen relationships, gain firsthand insights into clinical workflow needs, and ensure our services align seamlessly with evolving requirements.
  • 21 virtual client events & trainings hosted: Hosting 21 virtual client events and trainings allowed us to enhance collaboration, deliver tailored support, and foster a sense of community among our clients, even in a digital environment.
  • 100+ attendees during our most recent webinar: Our counseling-focused webinar in October served as a collaborative platform for our team and college counseling experts to share valuable insights and establish a bridge for meaningful connections within our expanding network of colleges and universities.
  • 7 new case studies published: The publication of seven new case studies serves as a testament to the diverse range of successful collaborations and solutions we’ve achieved alongside our clients.
  • Medicat’s website revamp: The revamping of our website reflects our commitment to providing an enhanced user experience, with updated content, improved navigation, and a modern design that better aligns with our evolving values and goals as a company.

Changing the Immunization Compliance Game with VeriVax

In an exciting leap forward, Medicat proudly unveiled VeriVax, a product that eliminates the headache of manually verifying student immunizations.

“We believe in transforming the student experience. By simplifying the retrieval of immunization records across state boundaries, we’re also making life easier for clinic staff and compliance specialists,” says Adam Cole, Medicat’s CEO.

More information on VeriVax can be found here

Medicat “Turns Pro”

In 2023, Medicat also announced a groundbreaking partnership with a Major League Baseball team. This collaboration marks a significant milestone, extending Medicat’s modern mental health care technology to support the well-being of professional athletes. 

Read more about our work in professional sports here.

What’s to Come: A Glimpse into Medicat’s Future

Looking ahead, the Medicat team is planning even more engagement with college health professionals in 2024. Through an expanded series of webinars and other events, we intend to facilitate the sharing of best practices that will help our community enhance the efficiency of their clinic, as well as the student experience.

Perhaps the most significant development in 2024 will be the launch of Medicat’s next generation product, Medicat One Medical (“M1 Medical”). Following the introduction and strong reception to M1 Immunization Compliance and M1 Counseling in 2021 and 2022, respectively, M1 Medical will onboard its first colleges in 2024. 

M1 Medical’s development has been the most significant undertaking in the history of Medicat. “I’ve led product development at Medicat for 18 years,” says Ann Wright, Director of Product. “This team has always been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of EHR software to provide the best possible experience for our end users. The imminent release of M1 Medical marks a significant milestone in our commitment to excellence.”

Celebrating Medicat’s Impact

As we commemorate Medicat’s 30th anniversary, it’s a moment to celebrate not just the achievements of the past, but also the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

Medicat’s “North Star” has always been the user experience – helping college health professionals deliver great services through intuitive, efficient workflow. The last 12 months have brought incredible gains in service of this mission, and we look forward to even greater progress in 2024.

To get in contact with our team to discuss any of the exciting updates ahead, click here.