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Below you will find a plethora of informational resources. Our aim is to empower you with knowledge regarding our company, our products, and services as well as pertinent EHR & medical administration industry articles.

Medicat Client Resources

  • The University of Texas at El Paso: Making Billing Less of a Hassle

    Case Study University of Texas at El Paso:Making Billing Less of a Hassle The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) faces unique challenges at its Student Health & Wellness Center, serving a predominantly commuting and international student population. The center, managing both insured and uninsured (self-pay) students, operated for many years using paper charts […]
  • Wesleyan University – Leveraging Their First EHR System

    Wesleyan University upgraded from paper records to Medicat’s advanced EHR system, streamlining charting, immunization compliance management, and billing. With features like secure messaging, note templates, SSO, and advanced reporting, Medicat helped to address the limitations they faced previously by improving efficiency across their clinic.
  • College of Coastal Georgia – Supporting Disability Services

    The College of Coastal Georgia saved time, went 100% paperless, and integrated with Student Health and Counseling after switching to Medicat.
  • University of Florida – Optimizing Student Compliance

    UF was drowning in insurance waivers and immunization records. Medicat allowed Florida to ensure compliance with ease and efficiency, thus reducing immunization processing time a two-thirds.
  • Saint Xavier University – Finding a Modern EHR Solution

    Saint Xavier was tired of straddling an outdated EHR system and paper records. Medicat offered a modern EHR solution.
  • Wofford College – Finding Greater Time Savings

    Wofford College’s Counseling Services transitioned from Medicat’s Legacy Counseling product to Medicat One Counseling. The clinic has realized time savings that add up to truly make a difference in their clinical operations.
  • Abilene Christian University – Integrating Counseling and Health Clinics

    Abilene Christian University’s Counseling Center now shares some patient data with the Health Center using a role-based permissions structure. This has transformed the shared goal of caring for the “whole patient” a reality.
  • Azusa Pacific University – Digitizing Paper Charts

    Azusa Pacific University Student Health Center has left paper charts in the past and reclaimed resources, increased efficiencies, and improved delivery of services.
  • Georgia Southern University – Service & Efficiency Innovation

    Together with Medicat, Georgia Southern University Student Health Services has increased efficiencies, improved delivery of services, and decreased no-shows.


      Our Partner Ecosystem

      Medicat’s Partner Ecosystem extends your Medicat software investment beyond the walls of your health centers with out-of-box and custom interfaces connecting you with your key clinical and business partners.

      Data Integration

      Data Integration

      Streamline data flow accuracy, safety & completeness.

      end-to-end experience

      End-to-End Experience

      Improve student & staff experience.
      extended investment

      Extended Investment

      Improve business & increase revenue.
      Cost Efficient

      Cost Efficient

      Save provider & staff time

      Medicat’s Secure Hosting Technology

      Medicat’s hosted solution sets the industry standard with a 99.99% Service Level Guarantee.

      SOC 2 Type 2

      Hosted clients benefit from a secure, Medicat-owned private cloud infrastructure housed within a TierPoint Type 2 SOC 2 and SOC 3 facility, which is certified at a Tier III Standard by the Uptime Institute and located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

      Medicat’s private cloud infrastructure is designed to a Fault Tolerant, High Availability 2N standard. At the Research Triangle Park facility, there are two independent, fully duplicated, Medicat data centers, each with N+1 Fault Tolerant, solid state hardware enabling stateful (real time) internal failover of all SAN and network components.

      Disaster Recovery with Minimal Down Time

      Medicat has also taken geographic redundancy to the next level with a pre-built Warm Standby disaster recovery site at a comparable TierPoint facility in Chicago, Illinois. This facility, also designed to a 2N standard, asynchronously replicates and archives client data from the Research Triangle Park facility.

      Should a catastrophic, non-recoverable event disable the TierPoint facility in Research Triangle Park (e.g., direct hit by a large tornado), Medicat would bring up the Warm Standby site in Chicago, and users could resume their work with only a brief interruption. In this case, Medicat has a Recovery Time Objective (time to resume use of the system) of 3 hours or less and a Recovery Point Objective (time over which data would be lost) of less than 1 hour.

      College Health EHR with Type 2 SOC 2

      To ensure storage, handling, and protection of clients’ electronic Patient Health Information (ePHI) meets and exceeds all government and industry standards, Medicat has made significant investments in its infrastructure and security framework. To substantiate that investment, Medicat has gone through the same third-party audit process as leading data centers in the country and has received Type 1 SOC 2 and Type 2 SOC 2 Examinations.

      A company that has performed Type 2 SOC 2 Examination has proven its system is designed to keep clients’ sensitive data secure over time. When it comes to the cloud and related IT services, such performance and reliability are essential and required more often by regulators, examiners, and auditors.