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Automatically Verify >90%
of Student Immunizations

Universities can tap into the power of a nationwide clinical network to automate immunization verifications for both In-State and Out-of-State students, saving countless hours (and headaches) for clinicians and students.

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Radically Reduce the Time Your Team Spends on Vaccine Verification

Medicat has partnered with TrackMy, the industry leader in healthcare compliance automation, to help universities automate nearly all of the immunization verification process.

Here’s how it works:

  • 1. Through TrackMy’s clinical network, each student establishes a care relationship in the state(s) where they received immunizations

  • 2. Once the care relationship is established, and as a part of care coordination, the student securely receives their digital immunization record

  • 3. Relevant immunization records flow into Medicat’s Immunization Compliance Management solution for easy tracking and reporting

  • 4. Student compliance is verified automatically – no documents to review

  • 5. Noncompliant records are flagged for follow-up

Woman and man looking at computer dashboard and reporting together

Medicat & TrackMy

Bringing VeriVax to Higher Ed

As the leader in technology for college health clinics, Medicat has long sought to reduce the administrative burden on clinicians so they can spend their time with patients, not doing paperwork.

TrackMy’s leadership in helping healthcare organizations automate the “immunization paperchase” made it the perfect partner for Medicat. Together, we’re helping college health leaders maintain healthy campuses and efficient clinics.