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Case Study

Saint Xavier University
Finding a Modern EHR Solution

Saint Xavier was growing tired of straddling their outdated EHR system and a growing pile of paper records. When they were searching for a new EHR, they knew they needed a cloud-based solution that could better integrate with the Medical Clinic and reduce the burden on their IT Department.

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  • School
    Saint Xavier University
  • Number of Students
  • Implementation
    August 2022
  • Solution
    Medicat One Counseling
  • Location
    Chicago, IL
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The Problem

The interconnectivity of their current EHR system just wasn’t there. Each day, staff and providers printed paper records and scanned them into other campus systems, wasting precious resources. Plus, the security risk, time, and budget associated with managing an on-premise EHR solution was acutely felt by the IT Department.

“The functionality of our previous EHR system no longer met the needs of our clinic. The time and resources we were wasting trying to make it work was no longer tenable.

When I assumed the role of Director, I knew we needed to find a new solution. While staff were used to the interface and quirks of our previous vendor, they were itching to try out a new system that would better fit their workflow and needs.

Plus, I was communicating frequently with members of our IT Department. They increasingly stressed the need to transition away from our current ‘on-premise’ solution, to one that was cloud-based. Managing the on-premise solution was eating up hours of their time each week, plus the hosting of the data itself was costing the university money, and posed a real security risk that the IT Department no longer had appetite for.”

~ Dr. Keiana Winters, Director of Counseling

The Solution

Implementing Medicat One Counseling allowed Saint Xavier to streamline record keeping, send secure messages and forms, connect to their SIS seamlessly, and reduce the burden on their IT team.

Under Dr. Winter’s leadership, Saint Xavier’s Counseling Center can now integrate with their student information system (SIS) and communicate securely with students to optimize the student experience and clinical operations.

Staff find the software interface incredibly intuitive. Providers specifically love that they can see check-in status, chart visit information, and access student medical history all from a single calendar view.

Dr. Winters says the Supervision Dashboard is one of her favorite features. Whereas in the past, Dr. Winters had to print out provider schedules to get a pulse on the clinic’s operations, she’s now able to access a bird’s eye view of any roadblocks, scheduling issues, or at-risk students, all in one dashboard.

The Result

Saint Xavier has gone 100% paperless!

Medicat One Counseling has allowed Saint Xavier to become a modern clinic that continues to provide an exceptional level of student care.

Dr. Winters estimates that since transitioning to Medicat One Counseling, she has saved about 4 hours per week of time, just through solving operational inefficiencies. This has allowed her to expand educational programming and provide more supervision to counseling trainees.

Plus, time savings across the clinic has allowed providers to see more clients, despite an increase in counseling demand since 2020. In fact, during the 22-23 school year, Saint Xavier saw over 300 unique students across 1,000 appointments.

As a cherry on top, the clinic has gone 100% paperless, making their workflow more organized and less prone to human error.

“When we implemented Medicat One Counseling, it felt like we were truly forging a partnership with Medicat. We were able to make requests to fully customize the product to our needs, and that’s made all the difference in our clinic.”

~ Dr. Keiana Winters, Director of Counseling