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Medicat Supports the Well-Being of Over 5 Million College and University Students with ConcernCenter

February 7, 2024

ConcernCenter is excited to announce its partnership with Medicat, the number one provider of electronic health records (EHR) software for college and university campuses.

Through this partnership, Medicat’s 500+ customers in college health can access the ConcernCenter Lite well-being platform free of charge. ConcernCenter Lite offers students easy, secure, and discreet access to health-related support and resources, from apps to articles and videos, as well as external hotlines, websites, and organizations.

“ConcernCenter is all about helping connect people with concerns to the resources they need to solve them. Partnering with Medicat – the industry leader in college health software – allows us to achieve our mission on an even larger scale for college and university students,” said ConcernCenter CEO and President, Dr. Erin Halligan-Avery. “They’re who ConcernCenter was first developed to support and their well-being will always remain at the core of what we do.”

Medicat’s mission to provide an EHR solution that enables higher quality care fits perfectly with ConcernCenter’s ability to enhance student well-being and mental health in an easy, efficient, and equitable way. Together, both organizations are able to do more for the people and institutions they serve.

“We understand that easy access to support is critical to ensuring the mental and physical wellbeing of college students,” said Adam Cole, Medicat’s CEO. “We are thrilled to partner with ConcernCenter to enable our customers to easily direct students in need to solutions that can help. Our team is impressed by the way ConcernCenter is able to harness a range of university-specific and community resources to address common concerns that impact students’ ability to realize their full potential.”

Medicat and ConcernCenter are embarking on a partnership that will have a major positive effect on students across the country. We’re proud to offer an easier way to find the solutions students need, right when they need them.

Current Medicat customers can learn more about ConcernCenter Lite and request access to the platform here.