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Medicat & TrackMy Partner to Streamline Immunization Compliance

September 28, 2023

Medicat, the #1 provider of electronic health records software in college health, is thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with TrackMy, a leader in immunization compliance solutions. This exciting collaboration will bring the power of TrackMy’s VeriVax solution to universities nationwide. 

Managing immunization compliance has long been a headache for college health clinics. Every year, thousands of students arrive on campus, hailing from all over the United States. This makes complying with state- and institution-mandated immunization requirements a daunting task for clinicians.

Some schools have integrated with their home state’s immunization registry to reduce manual verifications and the burden on staff. However, this approach only automates a portion of student record verifications.

There’s a better way to tackle immunization compliance. Medicat is partnering with TrackMy to integrate with their innovative software solution, VeriVax. This verification engine streamlines immunization compliance by allowing students to retrieve their immunization records through TrackMy’s nationwide clinical network as part of care coordination. Leveraging this national clinical network, students can quickly gain access to their records, regardless of the state in which a student received their immunizations. The result is an effortless experience for students and far less administrative burden on clinicians.

Key benefits of this partnership include:

  • Streamlined Compliance: The integration between Medicat and VeriVax eliminates much of the manual review of immunization records, ensuring records are more accurate and up to date.
  • Time Savings: By automating immunization compliance across state lines, Medicat and VeriVax can reduce the time staff spends on manual record verification by up to 90%. This frees up valuable resources and allows staff to focus on providing quality care to students.
  • Enhanced Student Experience: Students will benefit from a hassle-free compliance process, reducing the stress and time associated with proving their vaccination status.

The partnership between Medicat and TrackMy underscores our shared commitment to advancing healthcare technology that supports higher education. Together, we’re improving the way college health leaders manage immunization compliance, promoting healthy campuses and improving clinical efficiency.

Learn more about this partnership and how your campus can streamline immunization compliance.