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Medicat’s Private Cloud EHR Hosted Solution

February 12, 2023

99.99% (Four Nine) Guarantee

Medicat partners with TierPoint to provide the only Private Cloud EHR Hosted Solution for College Health that offers a Four Nine Uptime Guarantee as part of the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

This document will explain why that investment is important to you and why it is critical to the security of your students’ electronic Patient Health Information (ePHI).

Private Cloud is like public cloud in offering scalability and self-service, but it does so through proprietary architecture. Unlike public clouds, which deliver services to many organizations, and share a computing infrastructure across different users, business units, or businesses, a private cloud is a privately provisioned data center at the hosting facility with the following characteristics:

  • Built to the specifications of a single organization
  • Dedicated to a single organization
  • Designed for the protection and privacy of client ePHI
  • Firewall protection for a limited number of clients
  • One database per client; no shared data
  • Direct control over client data

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