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Medicat Launches Supervision Training Module to Streamline Counseling Clinic Operations

June 15, 2023

Medicat, the top provider of EHR software and services to support student health and clinician productivity, is proud to announce the release of its groundbreaking Supervision Training module. Designed to address the unique needs of colleges and universities with extensive counseling trainee populations, this feature offers a comprehensive solution for:

  • Organizing training documentation
  • Tracking hourly goals
  • Documenting supervision sessions

Additionally, unlike other counseling clinic tools that tend to be hosted on-premise, Medicat’s Supervision Module is fully web-based. This enables an intuitive and modern experience for users, all while alleviating the burden of application management on university IT teams.

Discover how Medicat’s new Supervision Training module can help you ditch messy spreadsheets and schedule a demo by visiting:

Supervising a large group of trainees can be a complex and time-consuming task for counseling clinics. With varying requirements and a growing administrative burden, it has become increasingly challenging for clinics to maintain efficiency while ensuring high-quality training.

The Impact of Medicat’s Counseling Product Advisory Committee

To tackle these challenges head-on, Medicat collaborated closely with a group of customer institutions on its Counseling Product Advisory Committee. This collaboration allowed Medicat to gain valuable insights into the most pressing pain points related to managing trainee supervision and guidance. Leveraging this deep institutional knowledge, the team developed an innovative solution that helps counselors-to-be complete necessary training under the supervision of veterans in the counseling field.

Professionals from the University of North Dakota Counseling Center weighed in on the Supervision Training module’s development. Shellie Beeker, Ph.D., serves as Assistant Director of Training at UND and is thrilled about the functionality Supervision Training will bring to her day-to-day use of Medicat One Counseling.

Shellie Beeker, Ph.D., Assistant Director of Training at UND: “The module was super easy and intuitive to set up. I am so excited about this new feature, as it will make tracking training hours and coordination of trainees much easier! I am proud that our school worked with Medicat to ensure the key features we need are integrated into the product.”

Key Supervision Training Module Features

This new Supervision Training module offers a range of powerful features tailored specifically for mid-size and large educational institutions. Key highlights of the module include:

  • Efficient Training Documentation: The module provides a centralized platform for organizing and managing training documentation. Institutions can easily track trainee progress and assess competency levels, ensuring comprehensive documentation for accreditation purposes.
  • Hourly Goal Tracking: Institutions can effortlessly track trainees’ progress toward their hourly goals. The system provides real-time insights, enabling supervisors to identify areas where additional support may be required.
  • Streamlined Supervision Sessions: The module simplifies the process of documenting supervision sessions, making it easy for supervisors to record notes, provide feedback, and track trainee performance. This feature promotes effective communication and collaboration between supervisors and trainees, fostering a supportive yet efficient learning environment.

What the Medicat Team Has to Say

Ruth Patten, Director of Client Development at Medicat: “We’re thrilled to introduce our Supervision Training module, which has been developed in close collaboration with our esteemed Counseling Product Advisory Committee. We understand the intense challenges faced by educational institutions with substantial trainee programs, and our module is specifically designed to simplify and enhance the supervision process.”

Medicat’s Supervision Training module is now available to any clinic seeking to optimize its supervision workflows. With its user-friendly interface, robust features, and flexibility, the module promises to streamline supervision processes and improve outcomes for years to come.