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Ditch Messy Spreadsheets

Ditch Messy Spreadsheets

Our new Supervision Training module offers a solution for organizing training documentation, tracking hourly goals, and documenting supervision sessions

Discover a new way to help counselors-to-be complete necessary training. Check out the video below to see the impact this tool can have on your clinic!

Counseling Clinics deserve tools made for you

Too often, counseling clinics are told they must use outdated EHR technology that was not crafted with counseling needs in mind. Let’s change that.

Embrace the future of mental & behavioral health

Medicat One Counseling, Medicat’s premier Counseling EHR product:

  • Replaces disparate systems & clunky workflows to unite everything you need in one place
  • Streamlines workflow with integrated modules like client portal, online scheduling, self check-in, teletherapy, case management, & outreach
  • Optimizes training and enhances supervision
  • Shares valuable insights & actionable data with powerful business intelligence reports & sophisticated role-based dashboards

Learn how smart clinic technology can boost your clinic to the next level.