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Solve your challenges with Medicat

Innovative Medicat solutions — each powerful on its own, and delivering even more value when leveraged together. Save time and money, improve patient safety, help reclaim valuable staff resources, and streamline workflow.

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Ordering Lab Tests

Manual multi-step process; time-consuming; not conducive to high-volume testing


75% improvement in speed & efficiency; Highly conducive to high-volume testing

LabOrder By Medicat

This solution dramatically reduces provider and administrative time by 75% with web-based integration of demographics, ordering, and printing for lab testing.

  • Allows clinic staff to capture, either manually or via card scan, the student ID, in order to:
    • Update demographics and contact information
    • Send Order ( initiates lab order previously designated by clinic)
    • Print the Order Requisition and/or Label(s)
  • Great for remote testing sites or clinic locations where clinics need to allow students, employees, or affiliates to quickly and easily get lab tests.
  • No need to place orders before arrival for testing, just “swipe, verify, print, and go.” It’s that easy!

Resulting Lab Tests

Manual re-keying of local machine results; fraught with potential for errors; not conducive to high-volume testing


100% digital; Removes manual entry; Eliminates risk of human error

LabConnect By Medicat

This versatile lab interface connects in-house lab devices to Medicat so you don’t have to manually enter results.

  • Improve patient safety and provide proper risk management and quality controls.
  • Automatically interface the results from your in-house devices to Medicat:
    • Rapid analyzers for Strep, Influenza, COVID, HIV, and Mono
    • Urine analyzers
    • Glucose, Hematology, Hemoglobin analyzers
    • Immunoassay, PT/INR analyzers
    • Spirometers
  • Save money by eliminating manual entry of results.
  • Eliminate transcription errors.
  • Support high-volume in-house testing.
  • Provide better controls for quality assurance.

Reviewing and Notifying of Results

Time-consuming provider task; slows down critical step in lab process; not conducive to high-volume testing


Notification process automation; Frees provider time; Speeds up critical process step; High volume testing conducive

LabNotify By Medicat

This solution dramatically reduces provider and administrative time by 90% and streamlines review of lab results and patient notification.

  • Complete automation of the interfaced lab results notification process.
  • Saves time and reduces manual intervention to provide test results to patients and update their record as “Reviewed.”
  • Whether the lab results are normal or abnormal, this automation dramatically improves provider efficiency and optimizes risk management.
  • LabNotify has two options to meet the needs of clinics large and small.

Accessing Results

Patient cannot easily access official lab test record; time-consuming manual task for clinic admin


100% self service for patient; frees clinical admin time; Improves patient experiences

LabResults By Medicat

This innovative feature delivers official lab results in PDF format directly to your Patient Portal.

  • Reduce calls, walk-ins, and requests for test results by allowing patients 24/7 access to retrieve their own official lab results from the Patient Portal and have the ability to print the official report as a PDF.
  • Save money by automating time-consuming, manual tasks.
  • Reduce memory cost by not duplicating storage of PDFs when sending secure messages with results attached.
  • Improve the overall patient experience by making results available 24/7.
  • With Medicat LabConnect or third-party reference labs* (Quest, LabCorp, etc.), Medicat LabResults allows patients to access and view official lab results and download the formal lab report from the Patient Portal.