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Immunization Compliance Management

Medicat One ICM

Is your staff buried in vaccine verification and compliance challenges?

  • Increased COVID workload
  • Constantly hiring & training new temporary workers
  • 100+ hours per week
  • Non-compliance with enrollment policies
  • Taking providers away from student care to check immunization records

Medicat One ICM

Advance the way you manage compliance.

Modern Interface

Intuitive user experience.

Faster Filtering

Segment data for efficient review.

Easier Communication

Remind students of missing records.

Data Integration

Streamline process with greater accuracy.

Medicat One ICM streamlines verification with best-in-class compliance technology.

Instead of manually verifying thousands of immunization and requirement records, streamline the process with Medicat’s best-in-class immunization compliance management technology. Intuitive, cloud-based compliance module automates compliance checks, notifications, and reporting.

  • Smarter filtering
  • Fewer clicks
  • Quicker document access
  • Better sub-grouping with Cohorts
  • Clearer visualization of missing requirements
  • Easier student reminders
  • Faster overall compliance review
  • Integration with State Immunization Registries

Medicat One ICM. 

Your students are growing and evolving. Why should their health records be any different?

This is how wellness evolves. This is compliance as it should be.

This is Medicat Immunization Compliance Management.