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Medicat Announces COVID Solution for College Campus Management

This solution provides campuses with the progressive technology, tools, and support to safely reopen.

Dozens of colleges and universities across the country have already turned to Medicat to understand and solve the challenge of managing COVID-19 as they prepare to reopen. They recognize Medicat’s innovative leadership and world-class college health EHR system provide the progressive technology, tools, and support critical to managing COVID-19 on campus.

“Our discussions with university leaders across the country have centered around the challenge and responsibility their institutions, and especially their health centers, are facing as they prepare for returning students amidst the pandemic,” said Daryl Rolley, CEO. “They recognize Medicat’s technology innovation and know that Medicat’s COVID Solution is essential to facilitating an efficient reopening and vital to keeping their students and campus communities safe.”

As the leader in college health EHR, Medicat is uniquely positioned to help campuses respond to the pandemic with the vision and technology to safely and efficiently reopen. With symptom tracking, high-volume testing, lab interfaces, COVID Status dashboards, exposure risk management/contact tracing, monitoring, notifications, business intelligence reports, and expert consultation, Medicat software and services take COVID plans from vision to reality.

“Long before the pandemic began, Medicat was building the tools and laying the foundation to successfully manage outbreaks on campus,” said Ruth Patten, Director of Client Development. “From the onset, Medicat has been supporting our customers with expertise and guidance like the highly-attended webinar series Managing COVID-19 on Campus to facilitate response, planning, preparation, and management, along with ongoing dialogue and education.”

With the technology and expertise needed to prepare and execute the COVID plan at every size campus and long-term solutions that serve way beyond the pandemic, Medicat is the one company, one solution, one service campuses need to confidently welcome students back and keep campus communities safe and healthy.

About Medicat

Medicat is the leading provider of college health EHR with the latest cloud-based technology and intuitive design that delivers an incomparable user experience. Medicat’s hosted solution sets the industry standard – 99.99% Service Level Guarantee. Specializing in workflow efficiency and seamless transition from other EHRs or paper-based systems, Medicat brings the benefits of going digital to every campus.

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Medicat Announces New Software Platform: Medicat One

Medicat, LLC announces the release of Medicat One, Medicat’s new multi-tenant, cloud-based, SaaS technology platform that is changing college health management.

Medicat is proud to introduce the next generation of College Health EHR—Medicat One—the future of student health and wellness management for colleges, universities, and boarding schools. Medicat has partnered with college health practitioners for more than 25 years. Now, with direct input from our product advisory council, Medicat is rebuilding EHR from the ground up. Medicat One utilizes the latest multi-tenant, cloud-based SaaS technology and UI/UX, to provide a leading-edge user experience with intuitive design and streamlined workflows.

“The new Medicat One software platform catapults campus wellness management to a whole new level. By leveraging global partnerships, we’ve brought the future to design and technology. Medicat One empowers our users to meet today’s values of student wellness and foster tomorrow’s student retention and success,” said Ann McLeer, Director of Product Development. “Medicat has been the leader in college health EHR for more than 20 years. Our continuing state-of-the-art software development will ensure we’re the leader for the next 20 years and beyond.”

The first two modules of Medicat One have been released. The first, Medicat One BI, powered by Tableau, is a business intelligence solution that shapes essential clinical and operations data into visual insights to improve cost, and quality, and allow immediate actions to be taken. The second, Medicat One ICM, includes features like compliance analysis, cohorts, and a compliance dashboard to make paperless immunization management more powerful, more intuitive, and more efficient for everyone. The third, Medicat One Counseling is scheduled for release in the Fall of 2019.

Medicat One: One platform. One integrated product.

“We’ve leveraged the collective thousands of years of experience of our customer base to build the next generation of cloud-based health management software,” said Daryl Rolley, CEO. “With our continuing partnerships and technology innovation, we look forward to maintaining our leadership in college health EHR.”

Medicat One BI and Medicat One ICM. Two of the many ways Medicat makes campus wellness easier to manage.

Medicat is the #1 patient health management system in the college health market with over 460 education clients serving 4 million students across 47 states and 3 countries. Medicat’s fully-integrated single-database suite of products and services includes Practice Management, Electronic Health Records, Total Billing, Business Intelligence, Patient Portal, Self Check-In, Enable Text™, Immunization Compliance Management, Test Environment, Sports Medicine, and Counseling. 

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Azusa Pacific University – Digitizing Paper Charts

azuza pacific university

Case Study

Azusa Pacific University

Azusa Pacific University Student Health Center has left paper charts in the past and reclaimed resources, increased efficiencies, and improved delivery of services.

School Details

  • Name

    Azusa Pacific University

  • Number of Students


  • Medicat Implementation

    June 2018

  • Solutions Required

    Medical EHR

  • Location

    Azusa, CA

  • Website

The Problem

Drowning in paper charts. Within two years of implementing Medicat, not only were we using the EHR 100% for documentation, we archived all of our old paper charts!

“Our office was lined with large metal cabinets that were continually breaking due to the excessive weight. When drawers would break, we had patient charts stacked on the floor while we awaited repair.

Front office staff were overwhelmed with pulling charts, filling new pages, documenting “No Show” appointments, tracking the charts down to file reports, and filing charts back into cabinets. It was not uncommon for a staff member to spend 1-2 hours looking for a chart that might have been on a provider’s desk or misfiled in the cabinets. It was a nightmare of wasted space, wasted time, and wasted resources.”

~ Gidget Wood, FNP-C, Administrative Director, Student Health Center

The Solution

Medicat EHR software solution stored all of our records digitally and eliminated the need for multiple filing cabinets. We reclaimed resources by eliminating paper workflow.

“With Medicat EHR, charts don’t get lost and can be accessed by multiple people at the same time. Our Patient Forms are attached to appointment reasons, so time is saved for students to fill those out at home, and providers have time ahead to review the forms and anticipate needs for the appointment. Students have increased their use of secure messaging, which often eliminates the need for an additional office visit.

An added bonus is that now we can provide accurate numbers for board reports and year end reports, and we can validate our worth in the assessment process.”

~ Gidget Wood, FNP-C, Administrative Director, Student Health Center

The Result

Medicat has been a definite win for our clinic, staff, and students!

azuza pacific aerial

Provider productivity has increased 40% and they are ending their shifts on time.

Freedom from metal filing cabinets gave us a bigger front waiting room, it is now more than twice the size for our students. The space is comfortable and welcoming. Within one year of implementation, two of our full-time office staff retired, and we did not need to replace them.

It used to be the exception if providers were able to go home on time, now it is the opposite: it is the exception for a provider to stay late!

Staff morale has improved, the environment is less stressful overall, and students LOVE the online scheduling!

By the end of the first year of implementing online scheduling, 60% of students were scheduling their appointments online. Two and half years later, 90% of students are scheduling online.

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Georgia Southern University – Service & Efficiency Innovation

Georgia Southern University

Case Study

Georgia Southern University
Improving Efficiency & the Student Experience

Georgia Southern University needed a better way to manage both student health and immunization records.  Together with Medicat, GSU’s Student Health Services increased clinical efficiency, improved outbreak tracking and prevention, and optimized immunization compliance processes.


  • School

    Georgia Southern University

  • Number of Students


  • Implementation

    August 2015

  • Solution

    Medical EHR & Immunization EHR

  • Location

    Statesboro, GA

The Problem

The clinic lacked an intuitive and interconnected system to effectively monitor, document, and respond to student health needs. Additionally, students often missed their appointments or could not figure out how to submit their immunization records, resulting in operational inefficiencies.

“There are times throughout each school year that students come into our clinic and present with symptoms that could be a communicable disease. Now that we’ve implemented Medicat, the system provides data on potential students at risk. 

This new feature has been invaluable.”

~ Diane Norris, RN, BSN, Director of Health Services

The Solution

Optimizing Immunization Compliance Management: “The bi-directional GRITS interface continues to save a tremendous amount of time for our staff and provides timely information on immunization administration from outside providers.”

– Diane Norris, RN, BSN, Director of Health Services

To cut down on the number of manual immunization record verifications completed by staff, GSU integrated the Georgia Registry of Immunization Transactions and Services (GRITS) with Medicat.

This immunization registry interface allows staff to obtain immunization records from outside providers, as well as submit information on immunizations given at the Health Center to the registry seamlessly.

They also made some significant changes to improve the student experience across their clinic.

Combining the power of Medicat’s online patient portal, self check-in, and text message reminders, they’ve gained meaningful efficiencies.

The Result

Overall no-show rate decreased 33%!

GSU Result

By using Medicat’s reporting function, GSU identified that most patients want appointments within the same day or next day.

Leveraging the appointments module and online patient portal, GSU established processes that made the most sense for both students and staff, reducing “no-shows” by 33%!

Finally, stress and burden on clinical staff was reduced significantly when it came to reviewing thousands of immunization records (especially across the summer months).

Now, staff and providers can focus on setting up for success across the next school year, and students can rest easy knowing their records will be verified in record time.

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