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Boarding Schools

Connecting the dots: a holistic approach to student success

The role of the campus health system in supporting student success is greater than it has ever been. So are the challenges, both medical and administrative. A holistic approach has become essential. Medicat helps every stakeholder in the student wellness ecosystem connect the dots and make a vital contribution to the ultimate goals of student success in higher education.

Student Affairs and Administration

You wonder how an institution can safeguard the physical and emotional well-being of students so they can thrive and become successful graduates. How do you identify at-risk students who have the potential to harm others or themselves? How do you enable the campus health system to handle growth in patient volume and administrative demands? How can you be sure you’re in regulatory compliance? How do you measure the contribution of campus clinics to the overall well-being of the student body? The answer is Medicat. Let us help.

Campus Health Clinic Director and Management

Your vision is to provide higher quality care to more students with a holistic approach to their emotional and physical well-being. You’d like your care team to utilize a multi-disciplinary strategy, with one file on each student. You want to integrate behavioral health/counseling and medical records to improve care and identify at-risk students. You want to free your staff from time-consuming administrative and reporting burdens. You’d like to produce reports more quickly, including analysis of campus health center performance on key metrics like patients seen, diagnoses, outcomes, and more. Medicat is the solution. Let us help.

Physicians, Nurses, Counselors, and Athletic Trainers

You’re used to doing things the “old way” with pen and paper records, but you recognize that it’s inefficient. It takes time away from your primary mission: seeing patients. You’d like to treat the “whole person,” connecting the dots (medical, counseling, sports med) but patient records are in separate silos. Producing reports takes forever and eats up weekends. Same goes for verifying immunization compliance. Intakes, scheduling appointments, and reminder calls take up time. You’re worried that switching systems or switching to digital will be a huge hassle, creating new problems. Medicat can help. Our software is friendly and so is our support team.