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Business Intelligence

Medicat One BI

The right data can lead to reduced costs, increased revenue, enhanced quality, and improved patient experience.

The challenge is how to progress from information to actionable insight in a real-time environment. Medicat BI empowers you to find the right path forward right now.

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Medicat One BI

Reduce Costs, Enhance Quality & Improve Patient Satisfaction with Better Data.

Visual Dashboards

Tailor layouts to campus goals.

Real-time Evaluation

Empower real-time action.

Data Relevancy

Access role-based data that matters.

Data Integration

Streamline process with greater accuracy.

Medicat One BI brings full color, actionable data right to your fingertips.

  • Reduce the need for costly, time-consuming analytics with the modern, intuitive user interface that puts the power into your hands.
  • Evaluate data in real-time to reduce costs, improve quality, and optimize operations of your health centers.
  • Use fit-for-purpose, role-based dashboards that include key performance indicators for campus health.
  • See your data come to life with cutting edge technology.
  • Utilize visual reports for quicker insight and more powerful decision making.
  • Create better reporting with quicker insights for broader College and University collaboration.
  • Plan better budgets and maximize resources with actionable financial and admin reports.

Shape essential clinical data into insights that are easy to see, understand, and use.

You’ve had the data, now Medicat BI gives you the ability to quickly convert raw data into actionable, real-time insights to make better decisions faster.

Medicat One BI has the power to change the way you run your clinics.

  • Visualizations convert data into easy-to-understand reports
  • Dashboards highlight campus health concerns and priorities
  • Insights empower better budgeting and resource allocation

Less time asking, “What am I looking at?” More time saying, “I know what we need to do.”

Act on data insights like never before.