Medicat Overview

One Solution to Increase Quality of Care, Patient Safety and Staff Productivity

totalsolution montanastateElectronic Health Records

Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Clinical Tool for Managing Patient Health

  • Improves clinical workflow and staff productivity
  • Instant access to complete electronic patient chart & history
  • Patient data flows to the chart in real time from anywhere in the clinic
  • Alerts on pending patient-specific care items, referrals and follow-ups
  • Order and result interfaces for Lab, Pharmacy, and Radiology
  • ePrescribing & Controlled Substances
  • Ensures accurate reporting and documentation
  • Easy access to Patient Education and Clinical Reference material
  • HIPAA-compliant secure messaging with patients or among staff
  • Extensive and flexible Clinical Analysis capabilities
  • Access to Medicat's National Client Template Library

Practice Management

The "Gold Standard" for College Health Center Management

  • Import registration data from the Registrar 
  • Immediate access to patient demographics and eligibility status
  • Flexible Scheduling of appointments with reminders
  • Automatically generate accurate walkout statements
  • Process claims electronically for third party payment
  • Export financial data to the Bursar
  • Easily manage inventory
  • Financial Reporting Dashboard

Patient Portal

  • Dramatically reduces routine tasks & data entry
  • Information flows directly to patient's chart in real-time
  • HIPAA secure messaging of required tests, exams or follow-ups
  • Supports confidential communication between the patient & provider
  • Mobile-enabled

The Student:

  • Self schedules appointment for designated time and type
  • Updates demographic and insurance data
  • Completes medical history and intake forms by type of visit
  • Enters immunization history for easy verification by staff
  • Requests prescription refills
  • Reviews billing statements

Self Check-In

  • Fast, Efficient & Confidential Check-In
  • Relieves staff of routine check-in, appointment and triage tasks
  • Preserves student confidentiality
  • Automatically notifies intake staff when check-in completed

The Student:

  • Verifies identity, demographics & insurance coverage
  • Completes medical history or intake forms (if not finished online)
  • Digitally signs privacy, consent or other forms
  • May schedule a walk-in appointment

Immunization Compliance Manager

Paperless Immunization Compliance Management

  • Automates the most complex requirements
  • Integrates with patient history & chart
  • Sends compliance information to Registrar
  • Provides compliance alerts by individual or group
  • Easily customized to campus or state regulations by subgroup
  • Automatically generates & documents patient follow-up
  • Quickly produces compliance lists in a health emergency

Medicat Compliance Services

  • Collect Student Documentation Online
  • Send Prompts & Reminders
  • Verify Compliance with Requirements
  • Provide information exchange with Campus SIS

Syndromic Clinical Protocol Manager

Improving Quality of Care and Patient Safety

  • Manages complex clinical protocols and patient follow-up
  • Eliminates log books, ticklers, card files and manual letters
  • Embeds clinical protocols in the workflow, automating flow sheets
  • Protocol-Builder empowers clients to easily create custom protocols
  • Automatically prints reminder letters or sends secure messages
  • Automated follow-up alerts to providers in real-time
  • Dramatic savings in staff time while improving Quality Assurance

MediCAPS for Counseling

Supporting Counseling and Psychological Services

  • Risk based or behavioral alerts promote student safety
  • Robust appointment scheduling includes group sessions
  • Restricted access and auditing ensures strict confidentiality
  • Automated psych intake forms maximize staff efficiency
  • Authorized CCAPS Distributor
  • DSM-5 Coding