Total Billing

Do you know your Health, Counseling, Wellness, and Athletic services could be significant sources of untapped revenue?

        • Are you facing another tuition increase to meet budget demands?
        • Are current billing and collection efforts creating the results you want?
        • Is administration pushing to bill the students’ third party insurance for health and counseling services to fund your departments?
        • Does billing commercial and student health insurance plans seem like a daunting and unmanageable task for your staff and resources?

At Medicat, we are experts at converting your health center services into revenue.

        • Increase revenue for services provided
        • Eliminate service fees and expenses for administrative and billing staff
        • Reduce direct and indirect overhead costs
        • Outsource billing operations on a turnkey or Ă  la carte basis
        • Free up office staff to focus on student wellness, retention, and success

Can you afford not to have Medicat Total Billing Solution?