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The Evolving Landscape for ePrescribing Controlled Substances (EPCS)

An Industry Briefing

“There is an epidemic of addiction, abuse and diversion of controlled substances in this country and worldwide. Since 90% of all physicians write prescriptions for controlled substances, this industry briefing is designed to provide meaningful data and up-to-date resources to assist physicians and members of the healthcare industry understand the benefits of electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS), while also addressing some common misconceptions which have unnecessarily hindered adoption. In addition, we will discuss compliance of controls and processes, and the standards enforced for EPCS in order to achieve full compliance with the relevant EPCS components.

“EPCS delivers many of the same patient safety measures that traditional e-prescribing offers. As a fully electronic platform, it helps reduce the errors inherent in the paper-based process, such as illegible handwriting, misinterpreted abbreviations and unclear dosages. Similarly, EPCS technology can be configured with a medication reconciliation module, allowing providers to capture and view more complete prescription histories at the point of care, which can further reduce the likelihood of an adverse drug event. And when real-time patient clinical decision support information is combined with transparent drug pricing models, clinicians can select both the most therapeutically appropriate medications for the patient and the most cost-effective.

“This paper draws upon interviews and data from highly respected physicians who have extensive experience in e-prescribing and EPCS as well as industry experts in security processes.”

Download the full paper by our ePrescribing parter, DrFirst.

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