White Paper - The Evolving Landscape for ePrescribing Controlled Substances (EPCS)

WhitePaperdownloadIconePrescribing Controlled Substances

An Industry Briefing

There is an epidemic of addiction, abuse and diversion of controlled substances in this country and worldwide. Since 90% of all physicians write prescriptions for controlled substances, this industry briefing is designed to provide meaningful data and up-to-date resources to assist physicians and members of the healthcare industry in understanding the benefits of electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS). This paper will also address some common misconceptions which have unnecessarily hindered adoption.


White Paper - Do HIPAA Privacy and Security Laws Apply to College & University Student Health Clinics?

WhitePaperdownloadIconHIPAA & FERPA

Protecting Student Health Information

Opinions vary on whether HIPAA applies to student health services. One school of thought believes that HIPAA does not apply to student health clinics because only FERPA applies. A second school takes the position that HIPAA and FERPA both apply. And, while the minority, a third school believes that neither HIPAA nor FERPA apply - the most perilous interpretation in our view.


White Paper - Billing in College Health FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions

The idea of third party insurance billing can be daunting to those who have never done so. Whether you are considering third party billing to meet parent & student expectations under the Affordable Care Act, generate additional revenue or file third party insurance as a courtesy, the 1st step is to become fully informed about the typical process, workflow and policy decisions that should be considered.