Immunization Compliance Manager


UNF immunizationcompliancePaperless Immunization Compliance


  • Saves staff time
  • Ensures health center compliance
  • Automates immunization tracking
  • Provides patient letter generation and follow-up
  • Communicates with students & campus information system
  • Integrated with Medicat Electronic Health Records system


  • Easily Customized for School or State Regulations
  • User-Defined Alternate Series
  • Generates Compliance Lists During Emergencies!
  • Integrates Historical Record and Clinical Chart
  • Generates Compliance Letters by Immunization Status
  • Automatically Inserts Individual Compliance Flags
  • Customizes Letters to Sub-Groups, Classes & Schools
  • Creates Letter Report & Tracks Letter History
  • Compliance Reporting - Using Any Data Filter
  • Transmits Immunization Data to Campus System