Electronic Prescribing

Simple. Powerful. Fast. 


  • Drug/drug, drug/allergy interaction checking, dosage alerts and other clinical decision tools.
  • Real-time patient medication lists pulled from three PBM’s and pharmacy fill history.
  • Electronically send legible prescriptions.
  • Patient-specific formulary status displayed at point of care.
  • Electronic mail-order connectivity to Caremark, ESI and Medco.
  • Send split prescription to both retail and mail order pharmacy.
  • One click renewals.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Surescripts GoldRx certified technology.


  • Fewer calls from pharmacies and potential adverse drug events.
  • Increased on-formulary prescriptions
  • Faster patient notification in the event of an FDA safety alert, without having to pull any charts.
  • Safer prescribing with access to clinical decision support tools.
  • Fewer handwriting interpretation errors, estimate to cause 9% of all medication errors.
  • Increased productivity due to less time spent with pharmacy questions and renewal requests.


  • Fewer pharmacy call backs.
  • Faster, one click, multi-script prescription renewal proces. Case studies suggest a savings of 1-2 hours/day for office staff.
  • Eliminates calls from patients requesting alternative covered medication, mail order submission or in need of the prescriber to obtain prior authorization.


  • Reduced phone calls to physicians regarding handwriting interpretation, non-covered drugs, and prior authorization requirements.
  • Reduced data entry when prescriptions are received electronically.
  • Reduced potential medical errors caused by handwriting misinterpretation and keystroke errors.


  • Lower out-of-pocket costs when their provider prescribes lower co-payment drugs (an average savings of $20-$25 per prescription).
  • Less time at the pharmacy by having prescriptions sent prior to patient arrival, and reduced potential for two trips becasue providers more frequently adhere to plan requirements.
  • Reduced potential for adverse drug events caused by drug-drug or drug-allergy interactions, mistaken handwriting, or incorrect quantity.
  • Increased compliance with prescribed treatment because care is cost-effective and convenient.

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We are proudly partnering with DrFirst to provide our users best of breed, e-prescribing technology fully integrated with our solutions. With the proven connectivity, functionality and speed of Rcopia on your side, you can expect a smooth integration of e-prescribing into your daily workflow. Your practice and patients will immediately be able to reap the benefits of having e-prescribing integrated into your IT system.