Medicat Compliance Services

Medicat Services has provided compliance management to Allied Health degree programs for over six years. Based on that success, we are pleased to offer Medicat Compliance Services to your Health Center, regardless of the EHR or Student Information System your clinic and school uses.

What We Do

  • Collect Student Documentation Online
  • Send Prompts & Reminders
  • Verify Compliance with Requirements
  • Provide information exchange with Campus SIS

How You Benefit

  • Eliminate the Paper Chase
  • Minimize Student Calls & Questions
  • View Submitted Documentation Online
  • Access Current Compliance Reports

Security & Peace of Mind

  • Encrypted Private Cloud
  • HIPAA/FERPA Compliant
  • Federally Certified EHR
  • 99.99 % Uptime Guarantee


Sports Medicine

Designed for Sports Medicine & Athletic Trainers


  • Treatment Plans by Athlete
  • Customizable Flow Sheets
  • Sports Med Athlete Classifications
  • Inventory Management
  • Medical History & Physical Form Tracking
  • Order Management for Physical Therapy, X-ray & ER referrals
  • Patient Self-Scheduling Thresholds
  • Self Check-out
  • Customizable Reports:
    • Cleared to Play
    • Coaches' Reports
    • Medical History (multiple reports)
    • Injury Trends with Alerts
    • Patient Visits by Trainer
    • Chart Audits


  • Create a user-defined plan of care that includes standing orders, diagnosis, referrals, short-term and long-term goals
  • Individual patient orders easily tracked and updated with results going to the provider's task list
  • Quality assurance alerts for diagnoses occurring too frequently
  • Increased Patient Safety

Electronic Prescribing

Simple. Powerful. Fast. 


  • Drug/drug, drug/allergy interaction checking, dosage alerts and other clinical decision tools.
  • Real-time patient medication lists pulled from three PBM’s and pharmacy fill history.
  • Electronically send legible prescriptions.
  • Patient-specific formulary status displayed at point of care.
  • Electronic mail-order connectivity to Caremark, ESI and Medco.
  • Send split prescription to both retail and mail order pharmacy.
  • One click renewals.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Surescripts GoldRx certified technology.


  • Fewer calls from pharmacies and potential adverse drug events.
  • Increased on-formulary prescriptions
  • Faster patient notification in the event of an FDA safety alert, without having to pull any charts.
  • Safer prescribing with access to clinical decision support tools.
  • Fewer handwriting interpretation errors, estimate to cause 9% of all medication errors.
  • Increased productivity due to less time spent with pharmacy questions and renewal requests.


  • Fewer pharmacy call backs.
  • Faster, one click, multi-script prescription renewal proces. Case studies suggest a savings of 1-2 hours/day for office staff.
  • Eliminates calls from patients requesting alternative covered medication, mail order submission or in need of the prescriber to obtain prior authorization.


  • Reduced phone calls to physicians regarding handwriting interpretation, non-covered drugs, and prior authorization requirements.
  • Reduced data entry when prescriptions are received electronically.
  • Reduced potential medical errors caused by handwriting misinterpretation and keystroke errors.


  • Lower out-of-pocket costs when their provider prescribes lower co-payment drugs (an average savings of $20-$25 per prescription).
  • Less time at the pharmacy by having prescriptions sent prior to patient arrival, and reduced potential for two trips becasue providers more frequently adhere to plan requirements.
  • Reduced potential for adverse drug events caused by drug-drug or drug-allergy interactions, mistaken handwriting, or incorrect quantity.
  • Increased compliance with prescribed treatment because care is cost-effective and convenient.

Powered by DrFirst Rcopia™


We are proudly partnering with DrFirst to provide our users best of breed, e-prescribing technology fully integrated with our solutions. With the proven connectivity, functionality and speed of Rcopia on your side, you can expect a smooth integration of e-prescribing into your daily workflow. Your practice and patients will immediately be able to reap the benefits of having e-prescribing integrated into your IT system.


Student Self Check-In

Fast & Efficient Health Center Check-In!


  • Saves Front Desk Staff Time
  • Preserves Confidentiality
  • Eliminates paper forms
  • Eliminates staff data entry
  • Improves Security & Confidentiality


  • Students self check-in for their appointment - Confirms Student ID
  • Students Verify and Correct Demographic & Insurance Data
  • Custom Intake Forms Completed by Appointment Type
  • Digital Signature for Privacy Forms
  • Students Complete Medical Health History Form
  • Intake Data flows to Medicat EHR
  • No Paper Forms!

Medical Content Resources

Clinical Decision Support for EHR


  • Improve Quality & Safety in patient care
  • Provide coding & medical resources at your finger tips
  • Offered by well-known healthcare data sources
    • DrFirst
    • Wolters Kluwer
    • Elsevier
    • American Psychiatric Association
  • Integrated with your system
  • Updated by Medicat



  • ICD-10 and CPT-4 code sets
  • Stedman's Spell-Check*
  • Lexicomp Patient Instructions*
  • Gold Standard Alchemy Pharmaceutical Suite*
  • Safran's Instructions for Sports Medicine Patients*
  • DSM-5 for Counseling

* Requires Medicat Electronic Health Records